If you know who Prince is then you know the symbol synonymous with him.

Then again, maybe not. While people of a certain age and era will almost certainly recognize the unpronounceable symbol associated with the Purple One, there is now a generation (or more) of those who do not. One of those has identified himself on the online forum Reddit with a rather laughable -- at least to those who know the Prince symbol -- query.

"What is this symbol I saw on the back of a car?" Reddit user breaking-my-habit asked. "Something gender related?"

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To be fair, I suppose if one does not know Prince's alter-visualization, his symbol does -- in fact -- look like some odd gender representation. In fact, according to Vox, the symbol is a blend of the traditional symbols for male and female. However, the innocence and unawareness of such a question really is cause for mirth. Surprisingly, of the over 125 comments and replies, most were gracious and sympathetic.

"That’s Prince’s symbol. Prince the musician."

"The artist previously known as 'Love Symbol.'"

"It was actually Prince's name for a while if I'm not mistaken. When he was 'the artist formerly known as Prince.'"

"The artist formally known as 'Prince', formerly known as 'The Artist Formerly Known As Prince', formerly, the artist formally known as 'Prince,'" joked one.

"Wow I didn't know!!!" replied Redditor breaking-my-habit. "That's so cool!!!" We're going to make the assumption that the wonder-er is a youth or young person, in which case they would probably like the LEGO set idea of Prince's symbol.


Unfortunately, the set is a fan-idea still awaiting enough votes to go on to production and officially be recognized as a LEGO set (update: it only has 1200 of the needed 10k votes).

Anyways, the Reddit thread made us chuckle. Thank you, Prince, for leaving us with a legacy we'll never...forget.

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