I love sleeping. There is no better feeling than waking up after a great night's rest! We spend about a third of our lives asleep, which seems like a lot of wasted time. How do we keep the productivity level up while still catching a few "z's"? Here are four things you can actually LEARN in your sleep, and they're all backed by science!

1. A new language. A study in 2014 found people remembered words and phrases better if they listened to a recording of them while they were sleeping. Seems easy enough but the trick is to also study the language when you are awake!

2. How to play an instrument. Researchers at Northwestern did a study in 2012 where musicians learned to play a new song. And they played it better the next day if they also listened to it while they were sleeping. Warning: may haunt your dreams for eternity!

3. That smoking is disgusting. Researchers in Israel recently exposed smokers to two different smells during the night . . . the smell of cigarettes, and the smell of rotten eggs. And a week later, the average person was smoking 30% less. This is a great way to kick that habit in the new year!

4. The names of people you just met. A study last year had people try to memorize names. Then one group took a nap while the other group didn’t. And the ones who slept did 12% better when they had to remember the names again. This will be a great excuse to leave a party to go take a nap!

Sweet dreams! 

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