My husband and I are divided on the issue. Dave thinks it's OK to steal candy from your kid's stash of Halloween candy. I think it's a little wrong. I mean, it's their candy after all. Isn't that where the whole, 'taking candy from a baby' phrase came from?

As adults, we can just go buy ourselves a bag of candy if we want it. When I was a kid we'd separate our candy into piles and take inventory of our stash. So, we'd know if someone took a piece.

If candy was missing, it would cause fights among the siblings...turns out it was usually our parents who would steal a few snickers bars and Twix. I'm all about parents asking their kids, but taking it is a little weird in my opinion. At the same time, what's your kid going to do with a whole pillowcase full of it?

Dave thinks it's part of the whole trick-or-treating experience. If you're going to take your kids around the block for hours, it's just the cost of doing business.

Do you take candy from your kid's Halloween stash?

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