Worst Halloween Candy
When I was a kid we HATED getting Bit-O-Honey, hard candy wrapped like a strawberry, Mary Jane, mini packs of raisins (this one is just mean--WHO DOES THIS?)...
Haunted Hayrides...
It's finally October, and that means that the haunted attractions are set to open soon if they haven't already! Check out some of my favorite from around our area and the state!
Best Pumpkin Patches
It's almost October, and that means you need to start decorating your home with pumpkins, corn stalks, gourds, ghosts and ghouls! Here are my favorite pumpkin patches in central Minnesota!
1. Nelson Farm, Litchfield–-It’s more than just a pumpkin patch, it&CloseCu…
Show Off Your Pumpkins
My neighbor lady has already started to display Halloween decorations AND pumpkins on her front porch--which begs the question, how soon is too soon to display or carve your pumpkins?

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