We've all seen the email saying you have $10 million dollars waiting for you in a bank overseas. That's a blatant scam, but there are other scams that look totally legit that you should be on the lookout for.


Before I recommend an app here, I make sure I check it out. I download it myself and poke around on it, or I look at the web based version first before I say anything about it on this forum because there are some apps out there that can damage your phone and steal your data. Scammers have found that phones are the new data stealing arena and are going after them hard core. Some banking apps can actually steal your money, so be careful. Read reviews that others have posted and look at the star ratings when you click on the app before you download it. If more people say it's shady than not, skip it and find something else.


Just remember that your bank will never, ever contact you via email and ask you for your bank account information. They're the bank. They already know your bank account information. And your bank won't email you to tell you there's a problem. You'll likely get a love letter from them like I did.


I get prescription drug spam daily in my work and private email accounts. It's always for Viagra, Levitra or Cialis, but never for anything I take, but for people who do take prescription pills on a daily basis, sometimes getting an email saying that you can pay less for what you're already taking can be very, very tempting, but don't click. Chances are you'll maybe recieve the drug, but it could be something else that can make you super sick. Chances are greater that you're paying for something you're never going to get. What you will get is a stolen identity and ruined financial history.

Remote Access

I have remote access into the on air computer. Glen has remote access into the air computers at two radio stations, but these are for legitimate business purposes. Some scammers will send emails and pose as operating system employees. They'll tell you that there is something wrong with your computer and you need to allow them remote access to your computer. Once you grant them access, they can do all kinds of crazy crap to your computer. The lesson here is to never, ever allow someone you don't know remote access to your computer. When something is wrong with your computer, make sure you called them and don't give personal info to anyone you don't know unless you contacted them first.


The ransomware scam is relatively new, but it's scary and can be very, very bad. The way this one works is that you get a spam email from someone you know. You click the link they sent and suddenly your screen is filled with child pornography. Then you'll get an email from someone claiming to be from law enforcement. The email says that you need to pay a fine on the spot or you'll go to jail. Most people just fork over the money because who wants to go to jail? Now they have your money and your bank account information.

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