I need to start this story with a song. 

When I woke up on Monday morning I had no idea how amazing that day would be. Chad Taylor got the hookup for tickets to Jingle Ball that evening but not only that, he managed to set up a meet and greet with the Backstreet Boys.

A little bit of a backstory: When I was 7 years old I won a coloring contest at the Long Prairie Alco Store (RIP). With the $10 prize money I purchased BSB's album "The Hits - Chapter 1". I listened to that CD over, and over, and over until I had every word memorized. One time I was listening to it and jumping on my bed so hard that my boombox, yes I got in on the boombox era, fell off my nightstand near by and nearly broke. Luckily it and the CD survived. I am forever a Backstreet Boys fan and this dedication is what made last night so magical.

After I got my picture with the band, we took our seats for the show and I patiently sat through every act until my boys took the stage. When they did, the entire Xcel Energy Center lost it. I have never heard screams so loud. Not only did the guys sound amazing but their dancing hasn't skipped a beat. They perform like they did when they first started out. My favorite part was when the cameras for the screens scanned over the crowd and all you saw was faces of kids 12 and younger wondering why everyone was freaking out about five guys singing on stage.

Mark your calendars for March, April and June of 2017. BSB got their own Vegas Residency! I have already started to save my pennies for it!

Whitney McGuire