I realized that I'm totally a millennial today. I got to work this morning, went about my normal routine and came to the realization that I left my phone at home. For some people, this probably doesn't seem like that big of a deal. But, I'm freaking out.


Like, I actually feel irritable and crabby now. I started out in a great mood today, too. I was at work for about an hour and half before I realized I didn't have my phone on me. I was just fine without it until I realized I didn't have it.

It seems like an irrational fear, but I've been worried all morning that if someone is trying to get a hold of me they won't be able to. Typically, I go through an entire day with zero messages. But, when I don't have my phone on me I feel like people are all of a sudden going to have an emergency and need to contact me and I'll miss all of the calls.

I realize this sounds ridiculous, but it's my truth this morning. Do you freak out when you forget your phone places?


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