According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer the radiation in cell phones may cause cancer.

I say no way!  If cell phones caused cancer - then most of the world would have cancer right now.

But this 'agency' came to the conclusion after analyzing 30 previous studies which had explored the link between cell phones and cancer.

Is it me, or does 30 not sound like very many studies?  Not when you're going to try to proclaim that something everyone has nowadays, causes cancer.

However, as a result of this finding, cell phones have now been given a "2 B" classification by the agency , the same designation given to DDT and gasoline engine exhaust. (Two things you certainly wouldn't want to put close to your brain on a regular basis.)

Nevertheless, since none of the studies on cell phones and cancer have tracked people for more than 10 years, some experts question the validity of any reported link between the two.

Count me in with the 'experts'.  In my life, science has tried to prove that microwaves, television, video games, etc. - can all be hazardous to our health.  That hasn't proven to be the case.

The only thing dangerous about a cell phone - is when people text while driving.

I'm no scientist, but cell phones DON'T cause cancer.  People have been using them for @ 20 years.  We would know by now.

I think there's a better chance that the old rotary phone that my grandma had nailed to the wall in the kitchen, causes cancer.

It definitely gave you "cauliflower" ear.

Ahh, the world before text messaging, remember that?

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