Isn't this the image that we all "THINK" we want?  Oh yes....He's going to show up outside your door, soaking wet, with a dozen roses, saying how he can't live without you...You're his everything....You're beautiful....wonderful...perfect just the way you are....All that movie stuff...So...How realistic is this?


I'd say it's just about as realistic as kissing a frog and expecting him to turn into a handsome Prince...Even if he feels this way on the "Inside".  If you really think about it...How long WOULD you want this to go on... Don't you think that you'd get a little tired of it after a few weeks?  Nothing but woo's of love love love?

How DO you know if a guy really "digs" you?  It's seems to be MUCH simpler than we think.



He Texts You...And Texts You...And Texts You

Does he send you texts?  Does he text you often throughout the day?  Meaningless, silly texts?  If he does, you can bet he probably has a thing for you. Why would he send you silly messages if he wasn't interested.


He Initiates The Call To You

Men don't typically like to talk on the phone. They talk on the phone for three reasons:

  • Work
  • Emergencies
  • To hear someone's voice
If he's talking to you, it's for one of those three reasons.  Maybe you are HIS emergency.


He Stops Texting Most Of His Female Friends/Acquaintances

The more serious he is about you...the fewer distractions he wants from those girls that used to make him feel important.  Now...He typically is bothered by those texts, and usually will stop responding to them when he's serious about you.


He Asks For Advice On...

What should I wear to the party?  Does this shirt go with these pants? Hat or no hat?  If he's asking what you think, he probably cares about what you think.  Guys only ask these kind of questions if they are full of LOVE Hormones.


His Friends Are Giving Him A Hard Time

No one knows your man like his closest friends.  Are they giving him a hard time?  Are they calling him names...dirty names...because he's all hung up on a girl, instead of going to the bar with the guys every Friday night?  It's a good sign that he's willing to suck up the heckling from his friends if he's whipped on you.


Now that you've looked at the list, how does your man "Man Up?" If you're serious about him....and he's hitting on all the notes above, chances are he's pretty hung up on you. If he does something Out of the Ordinary romantic every now and then, that's great.  Just know it probably took a lot of thought and planning for him to take you there.