Today on WJON's 2-cent Tuesday program listeners weighed in on an increased homeless population in the St. Cloud area.  The topic surfaced in part due to the Lincoln Center Homeless shelter on Lincoln Ave on the southeast side of St. Cloud.  Listeners offered numerous theories as to why we have more homeless in the St. Cloud area.  One listener felt some individuals just don't want to work and the lifestyle is why they continue to be homeless.  Another caller felt many of the homeless have a mental illness that keeps them from staying employed.  Others feel the access to free meals and shelter keeps the homeless from feeling the need to find work.

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A theory offered by St. Cloud State Economist King Banaian is that it is difficult for homeless people to get back on their feet because without an address they cannot receive benefits and are often not considered for jobs they apply for.

Shelters like the Lincoln Center offer a place for the homeless to stay, shower and try to get their life on track.  I have a hard time believing anyone wants to be homeless.  A listener suggested putting together a system to help those that want help out of their situation of being homeless to get to work and make enough money to have their own place.  The listener feels not all people that are homeless will want this help.  Some listeners are concerned about the increased spotting of tents in town and are concerned St. Cloud's homeless population will continue to be a problem going forward.

If you'd like to listen to today's 2-cent Tuesday it is available below.

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