Kelly Cordes/Youtube

I'm frustrated. SO frustrated. I purchased an Iphone because it does EVERYTHING. It takes pictures, keeps my schedule, keeps me in touch with friends, family, and co workers. I use it for work, as much as for play.

One of the best selling features of my phone, however, was that fact that it can take video. But...seems like whenever I really need it most, it won't work. I'm exhausted trying to make it work.


My co worker Abbey, seems to have this technology thing down. This girl can get videos of anything and everything...She's amazing! She makes it look so easy! So I asked Abbey...What's your secret? Her GO PRO!

Yes...A portable camera...not used to keep your schedule...or answer calls...specifically to do it's job. I guess if you want to count on something, sometimes you just have to buy a piece of technology that simply focuses on ONE job! Visuals!

So...My question today. What kind do I buy? I need something simple to operate...something I can rely on...something that doesn't cost too much money.

I asked my co workers what they would recommend.

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