Today is World Emoji Day 2017! To celebrate my coworkers and I put together a list of all the St. Cloud and Central Minnesota emoji's we wish existed!

  • St. Cloud Superman
  • Hot Pink Crotch Rocket Guy - Friends with St. Cloud Superman
  • Lake George Boat House
  • SCSU Husky Logo
  • Val's Sign
  • Quarry Park
  • Munsinger Gardens Fountain
  • Summerland Water Slide
  • Any of our Splash Pads
  • Gopher Bargain Chair
  • Cow Button
  • Any of the cool water towers the area has
  • The Triton Statue
  • The Downtown Courthouse Clock
  • Green Castle House on the SCSU campus
  • A Roundabout

What Central Minnesota Emoji would you have made? Leave it in the comments below!

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