World Emoji Day is being celebrated on July 17th 2018, and everyone has a favorite to use. My personal favorite is the radio one, I even have it tattooed on my body! Apple is celebrating the day by announcing 70 new emojis that will be coming in a software update later in 2018. There will be emojis of lobsters, cupcakes, mangos, and superheros! I think Apple could really step up their game with region-specific emojis that change based on your location, kind of like Snapchat filters! There are a few emojis I would really like made representing the St. Cloud Area. Here are my ideas!

  • The Gopher Bargain Chair
  • Cash Wise Cow Button
  • SCSU Huskies Logo
  • Chisel from the St. Cloud Rox
  • Val's Sign
  • The big arch and statues at Munsinger Gardens
  • Historic Stearns County Court House
  • Waite Park Smiley Face water tower. (RIP)

If you could make any emoji, what would it be? Leave it in the comments below!

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