Winter is just a hard season to be romantic.

There's little reason to risk the romance when you're swaddled in layers of skivvies, sweat pants, sweaters and scarves trying to keep warm.

And yet, there's so much potential for romance in winter! The indisposition of Jack Frost's perilous playground outside can make for a steamy setting indoors - cuddling with your someone under blankets or near the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa (or something a little more adult), watching Netflix or the snow fall outside. You'd be surprised how quickly things can heat up when the temperatures cool down!

So here are five cozy Minnesota cabins to retreat to for a long winter weekend with your special someone:


Cate via AirBnB, Inc.

Sitting in a private bay and just a 10 minute drive from "The Coolest Small Town in America," this log cabin makes for a perfect winter getaway for two!

Cost: $300 per night


Jitterbug via AirBnB, Inc.

My wife and I spent our honeymoon here in July. A manageable four-hour drive from the Cities, the route along the North Shore was beautifully picturesque. Miles from anyone else and set on Nine Mile Lake, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect week away together. Winter here must be stunning.

Cost: $233 per night


Kim via AirBnB, Inc.

With a fully-stocked kitchen and wall-to-wall windows to watch the snow fall, there's no reason for you and your someone to leave this villa for the weekend!

Cost: $200 per night


Damian via AirBnB, Inc.

Near three state parks for hiking, skiing or snowmobiling and with access to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, this cabin retreat is great if you and your someone want to go out or stay in!

Cost: $159 per night


Jill via AirBnB

An easy 45-minute drive from St. Cloud and a reasonable rate, this quaint and quiet cabin would be an easy weekend retreat.

Cost: $59 per night



Maybe you've found your own romantic weekend getaway. Share it below!