Veterans Day is an important day for you to show your appreciation to our military men and women, both of the past and present.

Setting aside your political feelings on any of the United States of America's military actions, remembering these men and women volunteered to join the military forces to protect you and this country is (to me) the most respectable thing any man or women could do.

Veterans Day is this Wednesday (November 11, 2015) and these are eight simple things you can do, that all members of the military will appreciate.

1.) Show Up. 

The Veterans Day parade was held yesterday in St. Cloud, but on Wednesday, the St. Cloud VA will also hold a Veterans Day program in the auditorium at 1:30 p.m. featuring keynote speakers and a reception.'

Perfect opportunity for you to show up and say "hello".

2.) Donate. 

There are a number of outstanding organizations who provide service, support and appreciation to our military members. HERE are a few places you could consider donating to.

3.) Fly our flag proudly... and correctly. 

Veterans Day is a great opportunity to fly the flag! Just make sure you're observing the proper rules for display. Not sure exactly what those are... I actually didn't either, but this GUIDE will help.

4.) Ask a veteran or currently serving military member their service. 

Some questions to ask...  What did you do in the military?

How long did you serve?

What was your favorite moment in all your time in the service?

Did anyone else in your family serve?

Why did you choose to go into the service branch you did?

Questions NOT to ask... if they've killed anyone and should your veteran be a combat vet who is either unwilling to share or plainly states what they went through, be supportive without being intrusive. Sometimes you don't have to say anything, just listen and give them your full attention.

5.) Write a letter or postcard. 

Whether it's someone you know who served or you send a thankful letter to a Veteran you have never met, a few words to recognize their service will make them feel great.


6.) Do not confuse Veterans Day With Memorial Day. 

Veterans Day is a time to thank those who are serving or have served and are still with us.

Memorial Day is to reflect and remember those who lost their lives in service to their country.

7.) Visit a VA Hospital.

Many VA facilities will have events on Veterans Day or a special lunch you can help prepare.

Find out what the policies are at your nearest VA hospital for interacting with patients or volunteering, and spend the day with a veteran.

8.) Spend Sometime Outdoors With a Veteran. 

Fishing, hunting, hiking... being outside can help improve physical and mental health, boosts emotional well-being, and is a great way to celebrate the day with a veteran.

To all Military men and women, Happy Veterans Day!