I admit that I am a crazy dog person. I treat my dog like he is a human child, heck I even treat him better than most children. It turns out I am not the only owner that acts this way.

According to a new survey, the average dog owner posts a picture of their dog or talks about them on social media six times a week. I am a solid once a week pet post person.

The survey also found some other interesting stats:

One out of every five pictures dog owners take includes their dog. True, just check my camera roll on my phone.

- 14% have Skyped or Facetimed with their dog while they were away. I get Snapchats of my dog.

11% have created a social media account for their dog. I totally plan on doing this with my next dog.

- And 42% have their dog as the photo on their phone home screen or their computer desktop. Not only do I do this, I also keep Polaroids of my dog on my desk.

I am a crazy dog lady and am proud of it! Share your pet pictures with us on Facebook! 


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