It's not often that I see something that makes me do a double take, but today I had to do just that when I saw a Tropical Santa that appeared to be driving a bus. The Facebook post said it was in St. Cloud, as you can see:

Image Credit: Lorianne Ewade via Facebook
Image Credit: Lorianne Ewade via Facebook

Say WHAT?! Wait just one minute...that tropical Santa does NOT make sense for St. Cloud, Minnesota. Because turns out after investigating a's NOT St. Cloud, Minnesota it is actually in St. Cloud, Florida.

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Did you just nod your head and go "oh yeah, that makes sense now". Still I thought it was pretty cool and a fun stunt that they were doing for the holiday season. Not sure if he's a regular bus driver for the company or if it is just for the season. But under the comments I learned it's happened before as David S. shared;

For me it's a tradition. I love to wrap the Christmas Bus every year I really enjoy it #Bodyshopatlynx

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Here in Minnesota I imagine, we'd have the jolly ole St. Nick with the warmest and most practical red suit he could be in, driving for our Metro Bus. And truth be told, if I knew there was a Santa Claus driving one of the buses around here in St. Cloud, Minnesota, playing Christmas music, handing out candy canes, and being of good cheer, I am quite certain I'd want to go visit him at least once during the season. Wouldn't you?

Despite us not having that here in Minnesota currently we still have a great bus to catch rides and if you are looking for the holiday hours for the Metro Bus here in St. Cloud, Minnesota, here is that for you!

And hey if you you do happen to visit St. Cloud, Florida over the holiday season, make it a point to go see Santa, I know I would!


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