Yesterday I went clothes shopping because my pregnant belly has pretty much outgrown everything I own in my closet.

This morning, I wanted to wear some of my new clothes but I realized they hadn't been washed yet. Normally, I don't wash my new clothes before I wear them. But, I read a story awhile back about a woman who got a skin rash from a dress that she bought which happened to have been returned to the store by someone else. As it turns out, the dress was returned by someone who had used it to dress a corpse during a wake.

The dress had formaldehyde on it which caused the new owner of the dress to breakout in a rash all over her body. Now, I'm not sure if the story was fact or urban never can trust what you read on the internet.

I'm not saying that's going to happen to me, but it really does make you realize how gross new clothes actually are...especially knowing they've been tried on by so many people. Do you wash your new clothes before you wear them, or do you risk it and wear them anyway?

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