ST. CLOUD -- As the winter weather goes, so must most of my clothes.

At least that is what I was told by both my sister and girlfriend.

Being a tall individual finding clothes has always been a hassle. Pants are too tight, shirts are too small and the list goes on and on.

I use to get away with wearing some clothes a little more on the baggy side -- but not anymore.

Both my sister and girlfriend called me out on my wardrobe. They told me that because of my recent success in weight loss and actually having some muscle definition (and no longer round around the middle) I needed to have some better fitting clothes.

Earlier this week they both went through my closet and dressers pitching anything that was either and XL, XXL, or just plain out of style -- which to my surprise was most of my clothes.

So I told them if they were going to do this they need to come with me shopping to find what looks good. Needless to say neither of them complained.

Word of advice, if you start cleaning out your closet don't do it when your girlfriend or sister are around -- and if you do make sure they are your fashion consultants.