I've been fascinated with getting fashion delivered to your door. I mean, how cool would it be, to have someone help find styles that look good on you and then mail you a special package once or twice a month?

Dia &Company/Facebook
Dia &Company/Facebook

Since I started my journey looking for a company that might let me do a test run, I was a little disappointed that most of the sites I found didn't serve women over size 14. What?! Seriously? I was BORN a size 10!  Well, I feel like it anyway. I've always been taller than most girls I know, which automatically puts me in a bigger size category. Of course at 50, I'm definitely in my WOMAN'S body, and no amount of denying myself of food could ever make me a size 12.  At my thinnest, I was a size 10 at 135 pounds and I looked like a skeleton at 32. So, although I'm always working on weight loss, I AM happy with myself just the way I am...and I want to fit clothes to the body I have today, regardless of what tomorrow brings.


Recently, I ran across Dia & Company. I've looked at the clothing they offer, I've watched videos from some of the people that have used the site, and so far, I'm VERY impressed.

I reached out to Dia & Co. and told them I'd like to sample their service, and share my experience with our audience, and they were so welcoming and said, absolutely! Yes!

Dia embraces every woman...every single size...to love you for who you are no matter what.


They have stylists that ask you questions about clothing preferences, what colors, styles, and if you have any specific requests.  The average price per piece seems to be around $55. For anything you don't want to keep you return,and I believe shipping is free both ways.

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