Last March the world came to a screeching halt when Crayola announced they were going to "retire" a crayon from their classic box of 24 colors. We found out that Dandelion, a yellow/gold color, got the ax and now it is going to be replaced with a blue shade.

This is a special shade of blue though, it was discovered back in 2009 by a chemist at Oregon State University and it marks the 6th blue addition to the classic box.

Crayola is letting you name the color! Go to their website, let them know your name, age, and a few other bits of information and then give the new shade of blue a name!

How cool would it be to have the new crayon named after something in Minnesota?! like "10,000 Lakes Blue", or "Babe the Blue Crayon"!

It sounds like the top 5 name options will be announced around the middle of this summer and then voting will be open until September. Make sure you have the kids submit name options, you never know what will be selected! 

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