"Anything but an impression left on the ice is litter and will be investigated."

That's the stern word of warning from the MN DNR who took to Facebook yesterday to remind anglers to pick up their trash when they're done fishing.

"With fish house removal deadlines in the rearview mirror and melting snow revealing what once was hidden, conservation officers throughout the state are finding the trash people left behind."

A series of photos shows the gross disregard to common courtesy and respect for Minnesota's natural beauty and economy as winter anglers leave copious amounts of trash and debris behind.

This isn't the first reminder from the Department of Natural Resources, who posted three months ago to say "This annual problem seems to be getting worse -- ice anglers leaving their trash behind when they head for shore." Clearly, the issue hasn't improved.

As Bring Me the News cautions, littering is considered a misdemeanor, and anyone caught doing so can face a fine up to $1000.

As they say -- this is why we can't have nice things.

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