You know how some birthdays make you feel old?

Well, today Danny Elfman turned 59 years old - do you know who he is?  Because we all should.  He is way up there, and has been for quite some time.  I will explain.

Most people nowadays recognize him as the guy wrote the theme for "The Simpsons".  He won a Grammy Award, and Emmy Award, and has been nominated for four Academy Awards.

But way before that - in a faraway time called the 80's - many of us were big fans of his as the lead singer of a group called Oingo Boingo!

"Only A Lad" was my favorite 'Boingo' song - but most people will remember "Weird Science".

Oingo Boingo was a big, big, part of the 80's new wave music craze - that, admittedly, some of us refuse to get out of.  They had a lot of good songs, and there music was certainly original.  They had there own sound, for sure - and that sound was ALL Danny Elfman.

He's done so many movie soundtracks, that it's crazy.  His music has been a major influence on bands like; Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt, Barenaked Ladies, and The Killers.

He is up there, on the music industry "totem pole".

And I've seen Oingo Boingo four times "live"!

Happy 59th birthday, Danny Elfman!