Revolver Studios in St. Cloud is now offering a totally new, totally awesome class! Prancersize happens around Lake George on Friday mornings at 10 AM!

You might be thinking "What the heck is prancersizing?!". Allow me to explain. Have you ever been walking and listening to music and the song is so good you catch yourself walking and kinda dancing to the beat? Prancersize with Scarlette Revolver is just that! A group of people get together to strut, shimmy and shake their way around Lake George. This is a great way to get your steps in for the day and just enjoy yourself! And rumor has it 90's pop music is in the forecast for tomorrow!

Just like any other Revolver Studios class drop-ins are $12 but you can get a punch card that will reduce the price to $10. Get all the details and RSVP to the Facebook event here!

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