ST. CLOUD - A whole team of construction workers from Dublin, Ireland is in St. Cloud right now working on the new Irish pub coming to downtown. Back in October co-owners Steve Letnes and Pete Poepping announced plans for "The Olde Brick House" in the former Rum Runners building.

It is at 102 6th Avenue South, in a building that dates back to about 1890.

John Heverin is from Ol Irish Pubs Limited. He says they design and build Irish-themed bars and restaurants all over the world.

Pretty much from New Zealand, India and Russia. The States is probably 50 percent of our market. The closest being Minneapolis and Ames. It's good to get to St. Cloud.

He says they began designing and building everything back in Dublin about 16 weeks ago, then they shipped everything here.

Heverin says his team arrived in town last Thursday, and they plan to be done by next Thursday, December 15th.

He says they're creating several distinct areas.

They're all going to be unqiue. So when you enter the bar, straight in front of you is where you go after work and have a beer. You'll have a lounge on your right hand side for a more elegant area for dining.  Upstairs we'll have a private dining area, two rooms - a library and a poets corner - and a large bar area where we're going to have music and different festivities.

Heverin says he is designing a bar and restaurant that will still be relevant and popular 50 or 60 years from now.

Olde Brick House, photo by's Jim Maurice

Letnes and Poepping say they plan to have the restaurant open to the public by later this month or early January.  They plan to hire about 60 employees.  The menu will offer both Irish food and American fair.

The building was basically gutted, with about 58 dumpsters of garbage hauled away including five layers of flooring.

Two pieces that will look familiar to some, the bar in the downstairs that dates back to the early 1900s is still there, and moved back to its original spot in the bar.  Also, a bar in the upstairs is from the old Persian Supper Club. It has been sitting in Letnes' garage for the past 17 years.

Poepping and Letnes both own several other restaurants in town.

Old Brick House, photo by's Jim Maurice