UNDATED -- A coalition of craft beverages industries in the state have joined forces to lobby for liquor law changes. The Minnesota Craft Beverage Council is representing small businesses in the winery, brewery, distillery, and cidery industry.

Spokeswoman Megan Park who is also a co-owner of a brewery in Minnetonka says our state is falling behind when it comes to liquor laws.

What our joint bill is trying to accomplish is basically getting Minnesota up to not even the same playing field as other states but close to it.  Minnesota has some of the most outdated and archaic liquor laws.

Park says their proposed legislation would eliminate the growler cap and allow all breweries to sell beer-to-go in any size container up to 64 ounces -- like four or six-packs.

She says it would also allow bars and restaurants to sell alcohol to go.

In our bill, we are advocating that bars and restaurants would be able to permanently be able to sell beer, wine, and cocktails to go and additionally looking to allow liquor stores to fill and sell growlers.

Another proposed change would be to allow distilleries to sell alcohol to-go in larger format bottles.

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