TMZ has some funny footage of former N-Sync member Chris Kirkpatrick doing karaoke at a local night spot in Orlando (his hometown).  I've spent a lot of time with Chris over the years when I worked on the record / management side of the music business and he was always entertaining to be around.  If your a big fan of N-Sync, you may not like the remix he did with the popular groups biggest hit "Bye Bye Bye."   At any rate, don't read to much into this, its just a cool guy hanging with some buddies and not taking himself to seriously.

N-Sync remains one of the only boy bands left from the  late 90's craze not to reunite.  All the members have stayed busy in some capacity and have stated publicly that they have no intention of going backwards in their careers.  They all remain close friends and support each others endeavours.  I recently saw another N-Syncer on Kathy Griffin's new talk show "Kathy", Lance Bass with a surprise special guest, AJ from the Backstreet Boys (they had fun singing BSB hits along with Kathy).

Next time your out with friends, put on some N-Sync and belt it out in style like our man Chrid did :)


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