A flight Friday from Phoenix to Minneapolis made an unscheduled landing in Denver due to an aggravated passenger who told others he was high on cocaine.

TMZ reports that -- according to passengers on the United Airlines flight -- a man with dreadlocks was telling people he was on cocaine. He then ran to the back of the plane where he locked himself in the bathroom.

Flight attendants became concerned and tried to coax the man out; the pilot eventually got on the intercom to announced that they'd be making an unscheduled stop in Denver for a "security issue in the back."

Five minutes before the plane landed, the man emerged from the bathroom and made his way to his seat; passengers noted that he seemed very jittery.

After landing, police and EMTs boarded the flight. The man pulled out a joint and lit it in the cabin, and passengers in the first 19 rows were asked to exit the plane so the man could be removed. As passengers left, the man got up and swung a punch at one of them, though apparently it didn't connect.

In a second video, the man can be seen handcuffed and being tied to a gurney at the airport gate. He's overheard yelling at EMT's "They f***ing hurt! Take them off! I'l f***ing kill you!"

According to updates from TMZ, the man was ultimately not arrested or booked on charges, though he was treated at the hospital for a medical issue, though there's no report on what that was.

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