Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) really seems to be required everywhere. Online banking, personal and (especially) work emails, use of the company toilet (that might just be on me)...

In today's episode of Choad Rage, a giant corporation overlooked a simple security measure and done got hacked.

Multi-Factor Authentication, for those who didn't click the link above

MFA - four y'all on tents and porpoises - is the simplest security measure that's still very effective. Fool-proof? Nothing is. But requiring multiple ways to confirm identification before being allowed to log into an account is WAY better than just a password.

Because: if a jerkface gets hold of your username and password, they can log into your account from anywhere if you don't have MFA. If you do have MFA, you'll get notified when someone's trying to log into your account and can block them from doing so. Easy right?

Tell that to Change Healthcare Inc. and UnitedHealth Group.

"Do As I Say, Not As I Do" ~Change Healthcare Inc., apparently

Without getting into the whole "monopoly" BS, here's what happened: UnitedHealth Group - one of the largest healthcare corporate conglomerates to screw consumers companies in the country - bought some software corporate conglomerate to screw consumers company called Change Healthcare, Inc. for a measly $13 billion. Pocket change, amirite?

Change Healthcare Inc repeatedly published articles preaching about the need for cybersecurity measures, especially in the healthcare industry.

Change Healthcare Inc couldn't be bothered to use MFA for their web portals.

Change Healthcare Inc - after being purchased on a whim by UnitedHealth Group - got hacked. The hackers stole data before deploying Ransomware.

The CEO of UnitedHealth Group authorized a $22 million ransom payment to restore functions.

Guess who'll get to pay for that ransom in the end? Consumers.

The clownf#*kery oVeRsiGhT was so egregious that the chair of the Senate Finance Committee - Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) - told the CEO: "I think your company, on your watch, let the country down. … This hack could have been stopped with cybersecurity 101."

Read the full article for full-on Choad Raging.

Software that preaches about cybersecurity getting hacked due to a lack of basic cybersecurity: also today's Sign of the Apocalypse.

Bring on that giant meteor, please.

H/T:: Roll Call

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