Happy Tax Day 2018! If you haven't filed your taxes for 2017, today is your deadline! According to the Internal Revenue Service today is also the last day for most taxpayers to file an extension to pay their owed taxes to avoid a penalty and interest charges.

If Tax Day is stressful for you, there are a few businesses offering special discounts today that'll help soften the tax blow. According to CBS News, here are are a few businesses serving up some Tax Day deals in our area;

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  • Hardees--between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. today only you can get a free sausage biscuit. But, you need to give them the password to get the deal. It's "made from scratch". Who cares if it's made from scratch...it's free! That's the best kind of biscuit.
  • Quiznos--You'll get a 10.40% discount on any purchase today only! Clever, Quiznos, I see what you did there! If you download their app you'll also get a free 4-inch sub! Free subs? Yep...I'm all about it!
  • Chuck E. Cheese--They're offering up a free buy-one-get-one large pizza today through Thursday...because who can be sad when they're at Chuck E. Cheese?!
  • Noodles & Company--You'll get 4 bucks off of any $10 or more purchase through Wednesday! But, you have to make your order online and use their promo code TAXDAY18 to get the deal. Isn't that how most people order now-a-days anyway?

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