It's Gourmet Guess Day! Plus tax deductions that could get you audited and what's new on DVD. 

Your Gourmet Guess clue for today: This is a savory bread made from flour and yeast. It is similar in appearance but not taste to a North American pancake. These are eaten mostly in the UK and are often served with afternoon tea. (Scroll down for the correct answer.)


Taxes are due April 18 and I went through Peter's tax return because I don't like it when he's gone and he'd never survive prison. Here are some of his deductions that I know will get him (and you) audited.


1. Landline Telephones - Even if you use it only for work, your hardwired phone is a personal expense so says the IRS. You CAN deduct long distance calls so long as they are business related.

2. Commuting Costs - Gas costs almost $4 a gallon, so if the IRS allowed everyone to deduct the cost of filling their tank, they wouldn't make any money. However, if you work more than one job, you CAN deduct the cost of getting from one work place to another.

3. Your Pet - People have for years tried to claim their pet as a dependent.  The IRS is with Peter on this one. Your cat doesn't care if you live or die. You CAN however deduct your animal if it's a service dog or other type of certified therapy animal.

4. Plastic Surgery - If you want collagen injected lips, it's going to cost you because you can't deduct it on your taxes because it's not medically necessary. You CAN deduct a nose job if your doctor says you need it to fix a respiratory issue.

5. Dry Cleaning - Sorry, guys. Your suit and tie cleaning and pressing won't be government subsidized because you can also wear those outside of work. You CAN deduct it if you're military or a cop or someone who wears a uniform because you can't wear those outside of work.

6. Volunteering - If you take time off of work and lose income in conjunction with your volunteering activities, you can't deduct that. You CAN deduct other costs associated with your charity work like unreimbursed expenses and gas at a cost of 14 cents per mile if you have to drive to get there.

7. Over the Counter Medication - Tylenol, Advil, Sudafed and the like are not tax deductible because they're not medically necessary. (Men must have made these rules because when I have cramps I CANNOT deal without OTC pain relievers.) You CAN deduct meds if they're prescribed by your doctor. New moms can also deduct supplies used for breast feeding including bottles and pumps.


New on DVD today:

Country Strong - Starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw. Gwyneth plays a country singer trying to restart her career after she gets out of rehab. Garrett Hedlund is the young buck she turns to for...umm..."strength" on the road. Tim plays her manager and Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester is the opening act on her tour. Our Movie Maven Ileana calls this one a rent.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I - (Available Friday) Harry, Ron and Hermione have left Hogwarts in search of the magical elements that make up Voldemort's soul. This is the first installment of the last book. Part II will be in theaters July 15. Ileana calls this one a buy.


Your Gourmet Guess answer: Crumpet. If you're a Mix Insider, you can now log in to your Mix Insider Rewards Account and enter the Morning Mix Word That Wins CRUMPET and score yourself 25 hundred points that you can use to reward yourself with cash, jewelery, gift cards and more. Not a Mix Insider? Click here to subscribe. It's fast, it's easy and it's FREE!