Remember a couple months ago we were excited about $1.99 gas prices? Well, in some areas of central Minnesota it's below $1.50 with no end in sight!

If you haven't taken a look at the gas price signs lately, you'll be pleasantly surprised. We're seeing gas prices that haven't been seen this low since the 1990's. Minnesota gas prices are 20 cents lower than the US average in other states. The lowest gas prices are in Oklahoma, at $1.39 per gallon.

This is great for us, but does pose a concern for the world economy! When the price per barrel of oil drops, the countries that supply it suffer terribly. I couldn't tell you what the recourse will be, but I'm sure we'll start to feel the effect in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy these low gas prices. Take those needed road trips and vacations, because at some point the prices can't keep dropping. Wondering where the lowest gas prices in central Minnesota are? See our area gas prices page!