gas prices

.99 Cent Gas Possible Locally
The gas-tracking website says some Midwestern states could see gas prices drop below a dollar a gallon later this year. GasBuddy reports that nine states in the nation are currently witnessing the lowest average gasoline prices since early 2004.
Gas Prices Dip Below $2.00
If you're heading out of town this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, today (Monday) is a good day to fill-up on gas. Most St. Cloud metro area gas stations are selling a gallon of regular unleaded for a $1.99.
Save Money On Gas With These Simple Steps
Gas has gone up more than 95 cents in the last month, and according to Triple-A, the St. Cloud average now sits at $3.99 a gallon. You probably know that having enough air in your tires is important, because it can improve your gas mileage by about 3%.  But here are five more sneaky ways to sav…