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7 Things You Can Expect At Sartell Summerfest
It's a celebration in Sartell, Minnesota this weekend! Hundreds, even thousands of people from surrounding communities will be in town to help celebrate the summer.There's a lot to see and explore. If you're planning on checking out the event, here's what you can look forward to.…
New Year's Resolution Re-commitment Month
I've been obsessed with reading books about attaining goals and self development. I've learned a lot from authors who have great advice for people who are looking to find inspiration and motivation. Here are a few of my favorite motivational videos from the authors I love.
Minnesota Kids Can Score Free Books From Barnes & Noble
Is there anything better than grabbing a good book and setting yourself up in the shade on a nice summer day? It's one of my favorite things to do to escape the craziness of the world. This summer, students can sign up to be part of the Barnes And Noble summer reading program and earn free book…
Was I Just 'Mom Shamed' At The Park?
I had a great Memorial Weekend with my family despite being sick with a cold. We took full advantage of the beautiful weather on Sunday. My husband went golfing and I decided to take my son to the park all day.

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