One of the things I wish I would have done when I was in high school was bought a class ring. It's one of those things that just seem like a milestone in life you're supposed to do. I can't imagine what it feels like to lose one.

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But, someone did lose their class ring because TheRon Busse found it! According to  Old St. Cloud Minnesota Facebook page, TheRon Busse wrote, "I have found a class ring at a local swimming beach this last summer. The person graduated in 1969 which would roughly make them 71-72 years of age."

The Facebook post goes on to say that the ring has markings on it from Cathedral High School. The school has been notified that a ring from 1969 was found. However, no one has come forward to claim it yet.

The ring was found at Avon Beach in Avon, Minnesota. Busse asks that if you think it's your class ring, you'll need to correctly identify the initials on it in order to prove it is yours.

If you think this could be your missing class ring, you can contact TheRon Busse via Facebook, or reach out to Cathedral High School as they have been notified the missing ring was found.


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