Whopper, fries and a Coke delivered directly to my door? Sign me up! 

The next time you're craving a Whopper, don't get in the car. Pick up the phone. Burger King delivers!

Burger King is not happy about the fact that they have fallen to number three in the fast food pecking order. McDonald's is still top of the heap, but Burger King lost their number two slot to Wendy's late last year, so Burger King is looking to create some buzz by offering home delivery to their customers.

Burger King has been offering delivery service in just a few select markets and so far, they've only been delivering in the Washington D.C. area. There are certain foods that they won't deliver including breakfast foods, coffee, fountain drinks and milk shakes. They guarantee 30 minutes or less delivery, but there is one restriction. You have to live within a ten minute radius of any participating Burger King location, which begs the question, "Is it even worth it?" There is a $2 delivery charge for every order.

You may be wondering how they keep their hot tasty french fries hot and tasty. Well, the big wigs at Burger King say they are using, "proprietary thermal packaging technology."

What do you think of BK Home Delivery? Is it pure laziness that we can't get in the car and just drive ten minutes to Burger King and pick it up ourselves? Do you think this is a bad idea for our already expanding waistlines?