Burger King

Burger King Coming to Sartell
A new restaurant is coming to Sartell in the next few months. Burger King plans to renovate part of the newly built multi-use building along Pinecone Road next to Coborns Liquor.
I Try Burger King Cheetos Chicken Fries for You [Video]
Cheetos Chicken Fries made their debut at Burger King yesterday (9-14-16) and I wasted no time getting my hands on a box of them. When Cheetos Mac n' Cheese bites came out earlier this year I never got to try them and I wasn't about to miss this boat as well...
Burger King Changes Their Fries
Burger King is changing their french fries for the first time in 13 years and I squealed in horror when I saw the news because I absolutely love their french fries and if you haven't had the new fries yet, here's what's in store.