In a day an age, where cyber bullying is at an all-time high, were hearing about more and more stories like this unfortunately.  A freshman at UW-River Falls, and recent graduate of Stillwater High School, killed herself using a 12-gauge shotgun at Big Carnelia Lake. 19-year-old  Alyssa N. Funke had plans to become an anesthesiologist, but cyber bullying on Twitter from former classmates at Stillwater High School, and bouts with depression, crushed those dreams before they could become a reality.

A pornographic video featuring Alyssa was posted online back in late March, and within a few weeks of its release, Alyssa was dead.  The video was shot earlier this year in Las Vegas by a company called 'Casting Couch-X.'  As of this post, the video was still online.

Read Alyssa's obituary here, and watch a video by Fox 9 Investigators here.

See the timeline of Tweets on Alyssa's page @Funkeetown.