Here is a piece of information about Beyonce and Jay-Z not tied to their newborn daughter Blue Ivy Carter and her name. In Jay-Z’s new song ‘Glory,’ which actually features Blue Ivy’s cries and gurgling in the mix, he references a miscarriage that he and his wife endured prior to Blue’s birth.

In fact, his lyric is, “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic,” so he is in effect revealing that he and Bey lost a baby before she got pregnant with Ivy Blue. Maybe that’s why the couple waited so long to reveal her pregnancy to their fans and the public.

Jay even expresses a little apprehension about Bey becoming pregnant with Blue because of the miscarriage. It’s easily the most raw that the Hov has been in quite some time. He peeled back the skin, shared a private detail with fans and that was certainly ballsy and courageous of him. Now must have been the right time to share that fact with the world.

The couple has been notoriously private about Bey’s pregnancy, so for the Hov to reveal such an intimate autobiographical nugget in the space of the song threw us for a loop for a hot second. But we feel honored that he shared it. We hope Baby Blue is nestled in dad’s arms right about now!

Listen to ‘Glory’ Feat. Blue Ivy

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