Good news for ‘Glee‘ fans — specifically, Rachel Berry fans. While there was talk of a spinoff series for this semester’s seniors, it turns out one won’t be necessary. Breakout starlet Lea Michele will be back for Season 4!

Ms. Michele confirmed the news on Twitter last night to the delight of the preppy perfectionist’s followers. “It’s official Rachel Berry will be back next year for season 4! I’m so happy you have no idea!!” she wrote, continuing, ”Ryan Murphy has some brilliant and ground breaking ideas for including us graduates in the show for next season! It’s going to be great!”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox Entertainment topper Kevin Reilly also confirmed that despite the impending graduation, the alumni will remain on the series — but in what capacity? There he was more vague, saying only that it’s an ”interesting idea that I think is going to give us something cool to dig into for next season.”

The news comes as a relief for fans who didn’t want to say goodbye to their graduating seniors — however, it’s unclear whether fellow senior leads Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Finn (Cory Monteith) will also come back.

When grilled for cast specifics, Reilly noted himself that Michele will definitely be back, but that the network had to take a gander at the rest of the cast’s contracts before making any further announcements — meaning Colfer and Monteith may need to do some paperwork before memorizing any more medleys. ”Creatively, we’d want to see them all back,” Reilly said, likely for a show-within-a-show.

While we’re sure longtime fans will be happy to have their favorites return, some fresh blood may do well for the series, whose ratings have slid 23 percent since season two, and whose once-record breaking singles haven’t ranked highly on the Billboard charts recently. Time will tell once the series kicks back up on Tuesday, Jan. 17 with the highly anticipated proposal in ‘Yes/No.’

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