ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud bread company is offering some baked goods during these hard times.

Backwards Bread Company is planning to bake several breads each day and offering them to the public on a "pay as you can" basis.

Co-owner Travis Harjes says during these tough times is when a community needs to come together.

It's just a great practice for everyone in our community. If you have a little extra and want to support us when times are tough, you can give a little more. If you have nothing please come take free bread.

With many grocery stores running low on supplies Harjes says good food is critical in staying healthy and calm.

As a business owner I feel connected to what the community needs and right now there seems to be a large need for baked goods and bread. The shelves are empty in other stores and I'm glad people are finding us and we can help.

The Dana Bread will be available for pick up during normal business hours. Backwards Bread Company is located behind Southway Bowl in St. Cloud.

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