It's the age old question, do you prefer dog(s) or cat(s)? Maybe you prefer both or all animals like many and it's really a win-win for you. What isn't always a win, are these poor animals who end up in terrible situations. Thankfully we have amazing pet rescues, such as the Tri-County Humane Society, around the area that are there to help in these animal's times of need.

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Truth be told, if I had the means, the space and the time I would rescue all the puppies, dogs, kitties and cats. I love animals, always have and always will. Well, most animals, some scare me...but that's a different story for a different time. Right now the task at hand is helping a local St. Cloud business help the Tri-County Humane Society!

It was just #StillWaitingWednesday for Tri-County Humane Society, and I was on their Facebook page seeing cuties Marvin and Indy, both still available for adoption:

Image Credit: Indy/Martin Tri-County Humane Society
Image Credit: Indy/Martin Tri-County Humane Society

When I discovered that local St. Cloud Business Backwards Bread Co. is showing their support for Tri-County with a fundraising drive. In their post shared to Facebook, they share,

Each quarter, Backwards Bread Co. selects a local organization to give back to, and we are starting this year off with our friends at the Humane Society!

What they are looking for is donations of different donations for cats and dogs with more specifics in their post here:

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As you can see there are also containers on location, at 3360 Southway Drive in St. Cloud, accepting monetary donations for either "Team Dog" or "Team Cat". The drive will be from Monday, February 27 through Saturday, March 4. So get to donating while you can and help out a great non-profit like Tri-County Humane Society and answer whether you are all about supporting the dogs, the cats or maybe both! Either way, want to adopt a pet, help out or learn more on Tri-County Humane Society, find them on their site.


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