ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud Police are trying to find the driver of a car that was in the area of where missing St. Cloud man, 21-year-old Jesse Dady, was last seen.

The car was caught on surveillance video driving around the back of the Empire Apartments around 1:30 a.m. Saturday. The car left a few minutes later. Anyone who has information on the car or driver is asked to call the St. Cloud Police Department.

Stearns County authorities are also asking Hennepin County for help finding Dady. Chief Deputy Sheriff Bruce Bechtold says they're asking for a side sonar device to help search the Mississippi River for the missing man. Authorities have used a drone to view the river banks from the air.

Bechtold says they used a bloodhound to track Dady's scent to the riverbank. He says if the sonar indicates there's a body in the river, they will send divers in to recover the remains.

Dady went missing early Saturday morning. He was last seen walking along 5th Avenue North in downtown St. Cloud.

Photo Courtesy St. Cloud Police
Photo Courtesy St. Cloud Police

This story was written with information from the Associated Press. 

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