There is nothing more dangerous than driving distracted. With all our smart phones, tablets, and busy lifestyles it can be hard to keep our focus on driving. A survey was done to find the top distractions we have when we are behind the wheel.

Eating and drinking is the biggest distraction in the car, followed closely by taking phone calls. What gets really dangerous is trying to do both at the same time. We lead busy lifestyles and sometimes lunch on the go is necessary, but add in a work call at the same time and it can be overwhelming.

The next biggest distraction is adjusting the radio! Finding the right driving song can be super distracting, that's why having a co-pilot is always a good thing!

Surprisingly, texting was one of the lesser distractions on the list from PR Newswire. I think we are all finally realizing that we can wait to reply to a text. It isn't worth risking our lives or the lives around us.

Drive safe and watch for kids and dogs in the streets with the spring weather we are set to have! 

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