I am all for making roads and drivers as safe as they can be, but a ticket for drinking my morning coffee?! That is crazy talk!

Washington State just implemented a bunch of new distracted driving laws and I am really hoping they don't find their way to Minnesota. Here are a few of the things people can get written up for

  • You can't talk on the phone, that includes hands free devices
  • You can't even look at a GPS because it is considered an electronic device. How will anyone get anywhere in that state?!
  • You can get a fine for drinking or eating in your car. Ri-dic-u-lous!
  • Smoking in your car can also get you fined.

These are all considered secondary offenses, so in addition to what the driver was pulled over for, these could be extra fines added on. Either way I think they are a bit over the top, and if they come to our area I will not be a happy camper! Do you agree or disagree with these laws? Let me know in the comments!

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