ST. CLOUD -- College students looking for scholarship money may want to consider joining the Army Reserve.

Cadet Tyler Datzman is a student at St. Cloud State University pursuing a degree in criminal justice. He says the "Minuteman Scholarship" is worth $10,000 a year for tuition and fees. He also receives a monthly stipend of $420 and a book stipend of $1,200 per year.

The 88th Readiness Division has over 100 "Minuteman Scholarships" available which often times go unused.

Datzman says he will have to stay in the Reserves after he graduates.

I have to do two years of training through the ROTC program and complete my degree.  Then from there it's an additional eight years I believe of a commitment, but I think you can go into the IRR after six years.

The IRR stands for Inactive Ready Reserve.

After he graduates, Datzman is hoping to become a police officer somewhere here in Minnesota.

He is a native of Remer, Minnesota and joined the army right out of high school. After a year-long deployment to Afghanistan, Datzman served several years as a White House Communications Specialists under both Presidents Obama and Trump.

The Army Reserve is celebrating 111 years of service and has about 200,000 soldiers.