I've always enjoyed Urban Dictionary.

I mean, I don't trust it; it's like the Wikipedia of dictionaries and should rarely (ie. never) be taken seriously. But it's always good for a modern, pop-culture-laden, usually crude exposition.

For instance, a couple years ago my wife and I were in a debate over the word "libation." I convinced her to see how Urban Dictionary defined the word. One odd definition put it as such:

A Sex act where a girl, usually but not nesisarily wareing leather chaps and a wip, has sex with six guys in an old un-painted 16 foot aluminum rowboat on a small pond, in upstate New York, while waving sparklers in the air with both hands, trying to impress her co-workers who are standing at the edge of the pond drinking beer, and wishing they never came to the party.

Obviously, this definition has absolutely nothing to do (maybe aside from the part about drinking beer) with a drink. But my wife and I laughed so hard as she read Urban Dictionary's definition out loud she had to start and re-start which only made us laugh harder!

Needless to say, Urban Dictionary is not exactly a reliable source for a good definition, which may prove good news for anyone who loves our own community of St. Cloud, Minnesota.

This is a city in which nobody would voluntarily return. It is a soul crushing miasma of crappiness. Imagine the cultural wastelands of suburbia mixed with the mug-a-day bleakness of urban blight and the backward ignorance of rural farm country. This would be the perfect way to describe St. Cloud, MN.


I mean, I know St. Cloud isn't perfect, but "soul crushing," "crappiness," cultural wasteland," "bleakness" and "backward ignorance" are pretty savage. I do have to offer kudos, though, for use of the word "miasma;" that's a great word.

If you're suddenly feeling very discouraged, perturbed or irate, though, I'd understand. If it's any consolation, just know that -- on the bright side -- Urban Dictionary did have positive things to say about "Minnesota" as a whole!

Disagree with Urban Dictionary's definition of St. Cloud? Submit your own here! Every Urban Dictionary definition is written by people just like you!

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