I love facebook. I'm not even gonna lie, but I get irritated sometimes when it seems like all I see are political rants and negative comments and I don't think I'm the only one, but different things annoy different people for different reasons.  My page is set up to be a fun place where I can let my silliness out and I hope I'm not the annoying one, so here are some ways we can tell if we're the annoying facebook friend.

Vacation Countdowns - "100 days until Cancun! So excited!" Great. You're going to Cancun. Don't drink the water and I truly hope that you have a good time, but 100 days is 99 days too many to hear about it. Instead try "Headed to Cancun. Any suggestions for places to see or activities to try?" That way friends can chime in and give independent reviews.

Updating Incessantly During Sports Games - I'm watching too, or maybe I just don't care. If you want to send a lot of quick updates, that's what Twitter is for. Instead try, "Did you guys see that amazing buzzer beater? Go Wolves!"

Taking Your Issues Out on the Facebook Community - "Leave me alone! I hate everyone!" Wow. Thanks for letting me know that. If you want to be left alone and you hate everyone, why are you on social media? Instead try "Going off the grid for a while. If you need me, I'll be hiding in the woods."

Using Facebook to Get Back at Someone - We know you've got #MoreGameThanDwayneWade but status updates like that just make you look desperate and you're trying too hard. Instead, try "Home on a Saturday night. Anyone up for an impromptu party?"

TMI - Sorry to hear that you're puking all over the place and you have a nasty rash or that you smell like a hockey pad after that ten mile run, but we don't need to read about it. Instead try, "Not feeling well. Shoulda never gone hiking in the Congo. Stupid monkeys." Or "Just did ten miles in under two and a half hours! Man I feel great!"

Fishing for Compliments - "OMG! Stopped on the street and told I have the most beautiful eyes. As if! I look terrible today! *Eye roll*" Instead try, "Someone just stopped me on the street and said I had beautiful eyes! Thank you Maybelline!"