How do you know if you are, indeed, a "GOOD" parent?  I know I ask myself that question a lot.   I love my kids...I show them support....I do my best to keep up with what they're studying in school.  I make sure they brush their teeth and take showers.  I feed them.  I play with them....Sounds pretty basic?  But being a parent is a lot of things that are not so obvious.  Sometimes I feel that they need more time with me...But working and raising a family on your own does bring some challenges along the way.




Face it....We learn how to be a parent while we're on the job doing it.  It's on the job training, and you don't know if you are going to be good at it until you become one.  That's scary!  Borrowing your neighbors child to babysit a couple nights a week doesn't prepare a person for parenthood.

So how can we become the best parents possible?

  • Adopt A Learning Attitude

Being open to learning is significant.  Watch what other parents about parenting skills.  Focusing on  learning.   Learning and developing your own skills will help you with parenting challenges along  your journey.

  • Realize That YOU Matter

Research shows us that the one thing a parent can do to become a better parent is to focus on developing themselves.  Being healthy and happy has direct benefits on your children.  Realize that everyone is important, and this will help your child understand that they will be important now, AND when they grow up to be parents as well.

  • Lower Your Expectations For Yourself

Don't set unrealistic goals for yourself.  If you have to work two jobs to support your family...realize that...It's okay!    What you are doing is important, and schedule around your work, to get  valuable time with your children.

  • Essentials

Every child needs the basics:  Warmth, gentleness, attention, affection.   Daily routines, and sleeping habits...Good nutrition, cleanliness.  You can manage the basics.


Be the best parent you can be...Always strive to learn more, be prepared for what life will throw your way.  Just by thinking about being a better parent, should make you feel good....You DO care enough to want to be there for your children.  Keep learning, Keep growing, and know that you are always striving to be the Parent of the year.