The Royal Newly Weds are no strangers to headlines in the past twelve month. First their wedding, now the rumors of the couple planning on having a baby, to adoption plans?

Are the newly weds adopting in the near future? Maybe of the furry four legged kind!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were spotted this weekend frolicking in North Whales with an adorable puppy by their side. Was this a gift to Catherine? She did just turn 30! Even though the Palace has yet to comment on the new puppy, I say congrats on FurParenting!

While the royals are always big fans, and owners, of black Labradors, the dog by William and Kate's side is most likely a black cocker spaniel, accodring to People.

"The Middletons have always had spaniels. Perhaps Mike and Carole have given them one or it could be one of the family's dogs."

CLICK HERE to see the new puppy! If you are looking at warming up your heart and home to an animal in the new year, check out the Pet Patrol courtesy of the Tri-County Humane Society. I am the proud mommy of three adopted pets myself and could not be happier! They are seriously like my kids, each with their own personality! Meet June Bug, Frog, and Lily HERE.

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